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“Who are you talking to?” asked the woman who had taken my arm. She stared at me with a sort of fear in her eyes. I still couldn’t place who she was.

“Her,” I whispered to the woman, staring into her bright blue eyes. “Carrie.”

“She’s dead, you stupid girl. She’s dead and gone and she’ll never be back! SHE’S DEAD, DO YOU HEAR ME?”

Startled, I jerked out of her grasp and stared, numb. Finally, two pieces came together in my head and sparked; I recognized her. Carrie’s mother. She looked...all wrong. I’d never seen her in black, before. She’d always dressed in colorful pastels, perfect for the suburbs. All bright and happy. To see her in solid black seemed wrong, somehow. Black was more my thing.

“But…but she’s there,” I gasped, finally, finding my breath at last. “She’s here.”

“She isn’t. She’s with the Lord. You--you heathen pagan could never understand that. Spirits don’t walk the earth, and they can’t be called back. You can’t use her to do your evil spell work!” she screeched, throwing her palm out and striking me across the face. More startled than hurt, I stumbled backward. “She’s an angel,” she snarled in a low whisper. “Flying higher than you ever will. Leave. Now. Before I call the cops.” With a sniff, she straightened, tall and stiff, and let herself be led away by a sympathetic group of clucking hens.

Icy fear slipped into my stomach and I turned around, searching. But I didn’t have to look hard. Carrie was still there, floating a couple feet above my head, staring over me at her mom’s retreating back, a twisted expression on her face.

Was I the only one who could see her? Why? Because I was the only pagan in the room? Somehow, I was sure that wasn’t it. Maybe it was just me. She wasn't really there. A dead girl come back as a ghost? Ha. If it wasn't so disturbing, it would've been laughable. My distress and fear and pain had finally solidified into a delusion. I was nut-job-crazy, that was all.

Once more, Carrie-the-hallucination turned her transparent gaze back on me. “How are you?” she asked. She began to drift downward, lighting like a small bird on the tile floor in front of me.

Eye to eye, we were the same height, same size, same everything. My memory had that down to a T. Even in life, she had been the brighter one. In death, that hadn’t changed.

I couldn’t answer her question. For one, I was shocked into speechlessness. Secondly, if I was the only one to see or hear her, meaning if she was a hallucination, I didn’t want to cause another uproar and get slapped again.

I needed sleep. I hadn’t gotten any since I’d first heard that she was in the hospital. I had heard about the accident through the gossip-vine at school. None of her family had bothered to call me.

“Tori?” Carrie-the-hallucination asked, confusion and alarm spreading across her features. “You can see me, right? I know you can. Answer me!”

Slowly, I shook my head. I couldn’t. Not now.

A funny look contorted her features. Her eyes widening, she looked quickly around the crowded room, seeing the occupants who were still gossiping under excited breaths and shooting alarmed glances at me. “Oh.” Her voice came small and surprised. “I get it. Sorry. I’ll see you later, okay?”

She vanished.



I’m insane.
In case you are just joining me, here's the first one: [link]


I know this is short, but I have the next scene written already but I have to post this one first! This actually should have been tacked on to the end of the last piece, but....I liked the cliffy... -shifty eyes-

Hey, if anyone knows how to make words italicized in a deviation such as this, drop me a line. It would be greatly appreciated.

See any typos, drop a line. Please. I hate looking like an idiot who can't even type, let alone write.
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jaspiir Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Dammit ya took the namez lol ^^ I wuz using those! Lol, seems they're popular <^^< *tacklez you* morez! then publish and sign the book for meh! I want the FIRST copy! ^^
Crystalled-Memory Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009
Names? What names? Character names?

Haha....I actually finished the scene? of the entire story. It's somewhere in between aa scene and a paragraph...Basically, I just finished wrapping the story up before I've even written it!

I'm talented like that...

So...I'm not even halfway through the next scene because I've decided to slip another scene in between. You'll just have to wait even longer now!

Teehee! Have fun with that!

jaspiir Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I shall! Yes I will! Hey, I'm gonna not ya somethin', something that litterally just popped into my head. Oh, and by the way, that happens a ton, so if I get annoying, just say (write?) so ^^

Trust meh, I shalt no be offended!

And darnit wait! rawr *tacklez*

<^^< *hugglez* :hug:
Fenris-Wildheart Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaaaaay -eagerly awaits more-

Italics are: < i > Insert More Awesome Story Here < / i > without spaces. [hope that shows up]
Crystalled-Memory Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2009
Ooooo... Thankies! I'll try that. :dance:

La di daaaa....

It workths!!

Fenris-Wildheart Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
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